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Introductory Class with Nancy Eckerson
When: Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 11:00 AM – Noon.
Where: Clarence Hollow Wellness Center
Cost: $10. Bring paper and pen! You are going to want to take notes!
Register: Sign up with Denise 716-572-2096

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Are you not sure where your life is headed? Do you long to know your life’s purpose? The avenue you seek has arrived! This class will inform you about the upcoming program created by Rev. Nancy Eckerson that will assist you in your search. The program is offered to groups or individually.

Many ancient gurus and modern-day spiritualists believe that every newborn arrives here on this planet with a plan and a purpose. From the instant of arrival, that plan begins to fade in our memory. Our agenda becomes more obscure as we meld into the familial and societal influences, and we slowly forget our divine assignment. We busy our lives with college, marriage, and careers to support our lifestyles, but know this - the seed of that plan still lives inside you and is stretching for the light.

Included in this one-hour class:
• A discussion of the soon-to-be unveiled “Writing Your Classy Soul Contract” program and the steps to uncover your hidden memory.
• A description of the process as a group, individual, or a couple starting their family.
• Discussion of pivotal questions designed to jump-start the process.
• A brief description of two more branches of the Classy Company: Classy Cupid – for those who like assistance with expressing their heartfelt thoughts and Classy Conduit – connecting you with your guides and ancestors.

If your gut feeling about your life is “there has to be something more”…then the full program “Writing Your Classy Soul Contract” is for you!

I look forward to accompanying you on your soul’s journey for meaning.
-- Nancy Eckerson ~ Professional Writer and Universal Life Church Minister.
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Heartfelt Notes, Letters And Stories Of Condolence
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Engagement And Other Courtship Milestones
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Don’t know what to say? Help is on the way!!


3-7 Tailored Lines

Starting at $75

*Includes: One (1) phone or Skype interview/ Rough draft/1 round of edits or additions/final text sent via e-mail.
*Don’t want to write it? For an extra charge, using a beautiful note card, I will type in the text, and send the final piece to you via United States Postal Service.


Level 1: 1- 2 pages (approximate word counts – 400 - 800)

Starting at $200

*Includes: Worksheet/ One (1) interview via Skype or Phone/Rough Draft/one (1) round of edits or additions/Final PDF version sent via e-mail or printed on linen and sent via USPS for extra charge.

Level 2: 3-4 pages (approximate word counts – 900-1,900)

Starting at $300

*Includes: Worksheet/ Two (2) interviews via Skype, E-mail or Phone/Rough Draft/Two (2) rounds of edits or additions/Final PDF version sent via e-mail or printed on linen and sent via USPS for extra charge.

Level 3: 5-7 pages (approximate word counts – 2,000 - 2,800)

Starting at $500

*Includes: Worksheet/ Three (3) interviews via Skype, E-mail or Phone/Rough Draft/Three (3) rounds of edits or additions/Final PDF version sent via e-mail or printed on linen and sent via USPS for extra charge.


10-15 pages (maximum word counts – 4,000 – 6,000)

Starting at $1,000.00

*Includes: Worksheet/Three (3) interviews via Skype, E-mail or Phone/Up to Three (3) Rough Drafts from three rounds of edits and/or additions/ Final PDF version sent via e-mail or available printed on linen with linen cover for extra charge.